Indian Retail giant – Flipkart updated it’s Mobile App yesterday (04 April 2018) and now wants permission to read your call log!

Flipkart, India’s biggest homegrown B2C eCommerce company, has over 1 Crore installations (52 lakh ratings in playstore) of it’s Mobile App (precisely 5,222,960 at the time of writing this article). The latest update (Beta) has been released by Flipkart yesterday – 04th of April and so it prompted for an update. As I would normally do (and majority of the users do), I approved of the update with couple of more apps.

But then, a prompt sought my attention…
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How often have you seen errors on Google? That’s pretty rare, no?

For almost everyone working in the IT Domain, Google is the Holy Grail and nothing can go wrong with it. We assume it to be a company where strict quality controls and release management in place and that they can’t just go wrong!

Guess what? Humans work at Google and Google falters too – to Err is Humane..
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After working for around 14 years with the same organisation, in an established position with good salary, why did I Quit my job to work with ScoutMyTrip?


Midlife crisis? Identity crisis? 7 year itch (or the double of it!)… what was the reason for me to quit a lucrative career and jump the bandwagon of Startups?
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Beware of ordering any high value product from Snapdeal!

I had written about how Snapdeal is fleecing it’s customers by showing higher discounts and thought that was the only thing they indulge in. With their peppy “Unbox” series of adverts and sales, they really have picked up the market and looked good.

However, recently one of my colleague – Souvik Kundu, who is very fond of online shopping, decided to order a refrigerator from them which was available at an attractive price. The same was delivered promptly on 31st Jan 2017. However, when he “unboxed” the packaging, his happiness was gone! What he received was a broken refrigerator with shattered glass and inner compartments. He raised it promptly with Snapdeal customer care, only to be told that his residence is at a non-serviceable area and the product can’t be picked up, and that he shall arrange to send the product back to a Gurugram address, the expenses for which will be reimbursed to his Freecharge account (and not his Bank Account).
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Inflated prices posted at Snapdeal

There had been a lot of hue and cry over social media over inflated prices displayed by e-commerce giants and then offering discounts so as to make the products appear lucrative. But has that practice stopped?

In June this year, there was a post doing rounds on social media, widely shared, which highlighted how Flipkart was indulging in wrong practices by listing products at a higher price and then offering discounts. The post was taken up by the Logical Indian site and FB group and caused a clarification to be issued by Flipkart. You can read the Logical Indian page here: Flipkart Shows Higher Discount By Inflating The MRP, Faces Huge Social Media Outrage. Continue reading

Check out the reasons why Paytm would cancel your orders

As stated in my second post in the series – Is Paytm a Scam? – Part 2, Paytm tries to amass customer’s money in it’s coffers – they call it Paytm Wallet, through various means. This is to circumvent the RBI rule that they have to keep all the money that is due to it’s merchants into an escrow account which earns no interest. So of course money refunded after order cancellation is not due to merchant and they conveniently earn interest over it.

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Paytm sells counterfeit products

You order a product which is claimed to be branded at an unbelievable price. The product arrives and you’re surprised to find it a counterfeit. You log a complaint and the product is marked for return (without any hassle) and you are advised to place a fresh order. Paytm claims that “Paytm is dealing with Genuine products and Genuine merchants only. The products available at our site are 100% genuine.” Believing in them, you place another order. You raise it with Paytm time and again that you want them to ascertain delivery of genuine product and every time you are reassured of the same. However, when the product arrives again with the fresh order, you  find them to be counterfeit again. Once it may be a coincidence, but twice?

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