How often have you seen errors on Google? That’s pretty rare, no?

For almost everyone working in the IT Domain, Google is the Holy Grail and nothing can go wrong with it. We assume it to be a company where strict quality controls and release management in place and that they can’t just go wrong!

Guess what? Humans work at Google and Google falters too – to Err is Humane..

Google released it’s new Doodle today on the launch of Winter Olympic Games. So you get a Doodle and play it.

Google Doodle


Doodle Playing


When it ends, you have option to replay the same doodle, or check more doodles.

Doodle Play ends

Now here’s the fun – you click on more doodles to reach this screen

More Doodles


And then click on the “next” button and viola! You get raw javascript code splattered on the screen!

Javascript Splattered!

Check it out before Google fixes it! 😀

Now who says that s/he writes 100% bug free code? 😉