Indian Retail giant – Flipkart updated it’s Mobile App yesterday (04 April 2018) and now wants permission to read your call log!

Flipkart, India’s biggest homegrown B2C eCommerce company, has over 1 Crore installations (52 lakh ratings in playstore) of it’s Mobile App (precisely 5,222,960 at the time of writing this article). The latest update (Beta) has been released by Flipkart yesterday – 04th of April and so it prompted for an update. As I would normally do (and majority of the users do), I approved of the update with couple of more apps.

But then, a prompt sought my attention…
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Inflated prices posted at Snapdeal

There had been a lot of hue and cry over social media over inflated prices displayed by e-commerce giants and then offering discounts so as to make the products appear lucrative. But has that practice stopped?

In June this year, there was a post doing rounds on social media, widely shared, which highlighted how Flipkart was indulging in wrong practices by listing products at a higher price and then offering discounts. The post was taken up by the Logical Indian site and FB group and caused a clarification to be issued by Flipkart. You can read the Logical Indian page here: Flipkart Shows Higher Discount By Inflating The MRP, Faces Huge Social Media Outrage. Continue reading