How Paytm cheats it’s customers?

You place order for a tempting product at 50% discount. The order is kept lingering for 7 days and then suddenly cancelled citing unavailability of stocks. You go to the site and are shocked and surprised to see the same item, same colour, same size and by same seller, now at a lower discount still listed on the site. You talk to the customer care, who say that it is an error and the site is not updated with the latest stock situation and they can’t do anything about it. To test that, you go ahead and place an order with a different address and lo – The order is successful! To rub salt on the injury, you receive a mail within 10 hours that the items has been shipped also! Isn’t that some kind of cheating?

As per Paytm, it’s all fair play and nothing wrong with it. Read on a live example…

For quite a couple of weeks, Paytm has been displaying an item prominently under Exclusive Discount Deals bang on it’s homepage, the item being 3 pair of branded (Koutons or Charlie Outlaw) denims, priced at Rs. 1399/- and available at a discount ranging from 40-55% in form of cashback. Tempting, eh?

Of course it is, since getting a branded jeans, considering even the least cashback of 40%, at a price of approx Rs. 280/- per piece is too attractive. Hail e-Commerce! Hail Paytm!!!

And so, people go and place an order (The site says that it has received 558 orders till date!). I too, while investigating the financial frauds Paytm is involved in (read my entire series on “Is Paytm a Scam?”), placed an order vide Order No. 1035677772 (Koutons/ Charlie Outlaw Pack Of 3 Blue And Black Narrow Fit Denim Jeans (Size-30)), to be fulfilled by a seller named “TheTech Guy”. This was on 20th of June around noon and shortly around 1500 hrs, I received a confirmation that the order will be serviced by the seller.

Since then, the order status changed to “Invoiced”, “Packed. Awaiting Dispatch”. Next logical status was to be changed to “Handed over to the couriers” and further “Shipped”. However, on 26th June morning around 0713, I received a message as well as mail from Paytm stating:

Hi Neeraj!
Thank you for shopping at Paytm.
It is always our endevour to ensure you get great customer service all the time. We regret to inform you that the seller TheTech Guy has expressed their inability to deliver your Order# 1035677772 as per schedule.
We tried everything in our power to ensure you get the product in a timely manner. However, we were informed that due to unavoidable circumstances the order has got delayed. We are working with the merchant to get this shipped at the earliest. Should you wish to cancel the order, you can do so . We will credit the amount immediately to your wallet.
Please be rest assured that we will work with the merchant to resolve such circumstances for future.

As soon as I went online, I raised a request with Paytm through their site vide Request #109420550 stating that I’m fine with the delay and the order shall not be cancelled

First Complaint

While Paytm claims that their typical response time is maximum 4 hours, I received no response at all on this till the time of writing this (more than 48 hours now). Instead, what I received 26 hours later (that was yesterday – 27th June) was a cancellation note:

Cancellation Notice

I went on to Paytm to check the order status and when I clicked on the item, I could see that this was still listed for sale, by the same seller, in same colour, in same size, but now on a 20% cashback offer.

Item still Listed on the day of cancellation


This made me furious and so I called up Paytm Customer Care (Yes, they have now published a contact number – 0120 -203062244) at 1227.


I gave the details about my order, the situation and the fact that the item was still listed for sale and also the fact that I was recording the conversation – just as they do. The girl (name withheld, for I don’t want personal details to be published here) simply stated that the order was cancelled by the merchant and she couldn’t do anything about it. When I highlighted that the item was still listed, she said that it would be a technical error in updating the stocks on the site. To prove her wrong, while we were speaking, I told her that I’m going ahead and placing order for the same item again, just to prove that it indeed is in stock and the cancellation was frivolous and shall be reinstated. And so, by 1234, I had placed another order vide Order No. 1049016495 for the same item, now available at 20% cashback.

She would not yield and I too was angry. I asked to be connected to a senior, may be a Team Lead or a Manager, to which she initially said that no one is there. Later when I countered that how can they work without any supervisor and that I’m trying to follow the escalation path, she put me on hold and later said that no one was free to talk to an aggrieved customer and that the TL or Manager would say the same thing that she has already spoken!

Isn’t that surprising? I was too infuriated and told her that I will put the entire conversation recording up here if my concern is not resolved in next 24 hours. (I will not put the recording up here, as it has the name of an employee who has been asked to respond in a particular way, and putting the same in public domain would not be just. Yes of course that’s a great piece of evidence and will remain preserved with me to be presented in case legally required)

Just to put it on record in black and white, I also shot off a mail to Customer Care, Paytm Service Head and Paytm Grievance Officer at 1252:

This is pure cheating on your part. Time and again I had warned for this order not to be cancelled and still you have gone ahead and cancelled the order!

Had the item been out of stock just after my order, I would have understood. But the same seller has listed the same item in same size on your site and I’ve placed another order just to prove that (ORDER NO.1049016495 |27 Jun ’15     12:34 pm). Of course not it would be at a higher price (20% cashback in place of 50% earlier) Doesn’t this amounts to cheating your customers?

You crib on your own blog too much that customers go on spamming social networking sites and never think about the seller. What do you think in this case? I do know that you are hands in gloves with your sellers and all your customer care and grievance policies are just farce. I will again go ahead and “spam” the social networking sites.. that’s the least I can do perhaps. But I’m giving you 24 hours before I do that.

I need a resolution. If you can’t provide one by tomorrow 1300 hrs, I’ll go ahead with my blog post and social network tirade.

Neeraj Sinha.

A response was posted, and the complaint was deemed resolved. Now you too see the response and gauze what a resolution is for Paytm:
Response to the Complaint
Good for noting. Isn’t it? And so I retorted back:

Please concentrate on the initial order that I placed against which this request is raised. Do not talk yet about the fresh order. I’ll talk myself once the time comes.

Your excuses of extraordinary situations don’t make any impact now, your apologies also don’t work – for I have them enough. I’m surprised and amazed how many number of times such extraordinary situation happens with you. You people are working in extraordinary circumstances!!


I’ve had no response whatsoever to the same till now, the deadline given to them. However, what surprised me further was that the item was even handed over to the courier and I received the tracking number too! – All in the same day when one order has been cancelled citing lack of stocks. Now if the stocks were not there, how come the same product shipped in response to another order?
Fresh Order of same item shipped the same day
Was it because this time the discount was low? Or was it because they didn’t noticed that although the delivery addresses were different, the order was placed by the same ID? I again updated my complaint, this time letting them know of my clear intentions:

And just to update you, the fresh order placed has already been shipped today itself vide Delhivery AWB # 195029578506

This gives me all the rights to claim that the cancellation was frivolous and under malicious intent. How can the seller ship the same item on the same date when he cancelled the old order of the very precise item?

And you say that you can’t do anything about it? It’s a shame!

It clearly shows that you are conniving with the seller to pocket customer’s money in order to earn interest out of it. How? Do read my blog at

I’ll be exposing each and every malicious deed of yours, till the time either you take necessary corrective action, or a PIL is filed to close your shop. I will not take this as is.

The latest status as of now (1300 hrs on 28 June 2015) is that the consignment has been shipped. Of course I do not want this order since it was placed just to prove the malicious and frivolous order cancellations done by Paytm to earn interest on our money (read Is Paytm a Scam? – Part 2 to understand how), I will go ahead and cancel the order today itself. My fight is for reinstatement of the previous order and to STOP random cancellations of order by Paytm in order to amass customer’s money in their coffers. And it will continue…

Now it’s your turn to decide – Is Paytm a Scam?

Update (29 June 2015: 1055 hrs)
Just checked the delivery status of the new order and the package has even reached Delhi! Wonder the reason of citing out of stock! Obviously, since I placed the new order only to prove that they are fleecing customers and it is not that they are out of stock, which is not reasonably proved beyond any doubt, I have gone ahead and cancelled the order..
Shipment Status