Paytm sells counterfeit products

You order a product which is claimed to be branded at an unbelievable price. The product arrives and you’re surprised to find it a counterfeit. You log a complaint and the product is marked for return (without any hassle) and you are advised to place a fresh order. Paytm claims that “Paytm is dealing with Genuine products and Genuine merchants only. The products available at our site are 100% genuine.” Believing in them, you place another order. You raise it with Paytm time and again that you want them to ascertain delivery of genuine product and every time you are reassured of the same. However, when the product arrives again with the fresh order, you  find them to be counterfeit again. Once it may be a coincidence, but twice?

This was again an order for Koutons Pack Of 3 Comfort Fit Denim Jeans (Size-40), the same one on offer like the one for which I had another ordeal as highlighted in Is Paytm a Scam? – Part 6. The only difference, this time the size was 40. The pack of 3 jeans were priced at Rs. 1399/- and there was a cashback of 30% under the offer FashionFlash. The product image clearly displayed Koutons brand and the name itself read so. Now, getting a branded jeans at Rs. 326/- per pair was quite lucrative and so I ordered a pair vide Order No. 1008427654 on 05th June 2015.


The product was delivered on 15th June. However, when I opened the package, I was surprised to find no brand label anywhere, not even the buttons. However, I already had multiple issues running with Paytm and the material of the Jeans was of OK quality. Now wanting to get into another haggle with Paytm I thought to keep it, but just wanted to highlight that it was a non-branded item as against claimed. So I logged a request with Paytm vide Request #109069545


Note that I only wanted the product description on the site to be corrected and the seller to be advised not to use the brand name. I received a prompt reply from Paytm

Hi Sinha,

Thank you for placing Order # 1008427654 with Paytm. I am Megha and I am happy to help you with your concern.

We are sorry to hear that you have received a wrong product for the order placed by you. To resolve the issue, please share the images of the product, invoice and the packaging (inner/outer). Also please confirm whether the packaging was sealed or open when the product was delivered?

In case, for some reason the seller fails to deliver the right product we assure you to process a refund in your Paytm Wallet (if applicable).

If you have further queries please let us know.

Happy to help,

I informed them that the package was well packed with no tampering and that I will share the images by evening. I did shared the pictures of the product, the packaging etc, clearly highlighting that there was no brand marking anywhere.


Attached are the pics, for you also may want to check. 🙂 (click on the thumbnails to view the larger image)

20150616_203808 20150616_203839 20150616_203908 20150616_203938 20150616_203950 20150616_204000 20150616_204018 20150616_204109 20150616_204131







Next day, I received an intimation that return of the product has been approved and their courier partner will come to pick up the package and then after the pickup, a refund will be done. I intimated them that although I didn’t wanted to return the product rather wanted genuineness to be ensured, but I’m happy for this to be picked up and I will be placing the order again.


Paytm responded with an apology and that they are arranging a pickup. They reiterated, against what is written in their Terms & Conditions, that they don’t have any exchange/replace policy in paytm and that I shall place a fresh order. Can you believe that? No exchange even when the seller sends you a wrong product? And so I put forth my argument. In the meantime, as advised by Paytm, I placed a fresh order for the same product vide Order No. 1029537846 on 17th June itself and wanted to ensure that the product now sent is genuine.

There is no exchange/replacement even when the seller sends a wrong item? You mean to say that if I receive a laptop in place of a hard disk if ordered from Paytm, I am fine to keep that with me since you don’t have exchange/replacement policy and hence I am free to keep whatever is delivered and that if at all I wish, I can return it?

Further, I know the ways Paytm works, a replacement is indeed written in your Terms and Conditions.

Also to add, I have placed a fresh order vide ORDER NO. 1029537846. Can you ensure that the seller send genuine Koutons Jeans and not a fake unbranded one again? If you can’t do that, you should escalate to your management (would contacting Vijay do?) and ban the seller for selling anything on Paytm as you have no control on counterfeit products being sold on Paytm platform.

I did received a response stating that the return is in progress and with the fresh order, I’ll get the genuine product.

Fine, I just wanted to be double sure and so with the fresh Order (Order No. 1029537846), I raised another request with Paytm vide Request #109110454



And then it was multiple assurances that was sent to me that Paytm deals only in genuine product and I’ll receive genuine product and so on..


The package was delivered yesterday (28th June) and to add to my harrowing experiences with Paytm, this was again package full of counterfeit products. I immediately logged on to the request portal and intimated that the product is again counterfeit against their multiple reassurances and that I will be sending pictures shortly. I clicked multiple pictures and sent them again.


And here are the pictures of the product against the new order that I clicked and sent them (click on the thumbnails to view the larger image):

20150628_120351 20150628_120402 20150628_120430 20150628_120441 20150628_120502 20150628_120549 20150628_120558 20150628_120609 20150628_120729 20150628_120740 20150628_120757







I thought that I would be contacted by Paytm to find a resolution to this as this was second time (in fact more of the orders -at least two more – of the same items I had placed for other people have got the same counterfeit products, but since they are fine with the quality within the price and had already used one pair, I didn’t raised those with Paytm) and they would somehow ensure that an authentic and genuine product will be provided to me as promised. However, I was baffled at their ingenuity when without any consultation I received a mail that reverse pickup has been arranged!


They do it deliberately, sell fake and counterfeit stuff on the site and when one complains, they just pick up the product silently and refund the money. What an Idea sirji! What an Idea! You pick up the product so that there is no further proof with anyone about this. But I do have proofs with me. I can prove them selling counterfeit stuff anywhere. And so I retort back..

Hi Sania,

I’m not at all happy with the resolution provided. With my last order too, I had highlighted that the product sent was counterfeit and time and again I raised this with PayTM.

I was assured by various people, including you, that the fresh order would have genuine product and that PayTM sells 100% genuine and authentic product. Now I have again received counterfeit products and instead of trying to get me genuine product, I’m being asked to return the product in lieu of a refund. That’s ridiculous!

Tell me why after all those assurance, you are not taking action against the seller. Why the product hasn’t been delisted as yet. What penalty has been levied on the seller and what provisions are you making to compensate for my money, time and the discomfort caused to me? Why shall not I drag PayTM and the seller to court of law for forgery and cheating?

Now don’t tell me again that these are extraordinary and unusual circumstances and you’ll ensure that it won’t happen again. I’ve heard that many a times now to believe those words from PayTM.

This fight is still in progress.. They have not yet picked up the first package even after 10 days, and now this. In the meantime, think about the money they’ll refund to my Paytm Wallet. That would be 1399 x 2 = Rs. 2798/- that they would keep in my wallet, and since it is not a liability towards the sellers, they’d conveniently earn huge interests. How? Refer to my previous posts – Is Paytm a Scam? – Part 1 and Is Paytm a Scam? – Part 2.

I did a reality check on Social Media, on the Paytm’s official Facebook Page itself, there are multiple complaints of fake products and random cancellations. Read that in terms of my first post and I’m sure that Paytm is running a Scam in tunes of hundreds of crores out of customer’s money. What do you think? Is Paytm a Scam or not?

To top that, I’m thinking about people like D P S Kohli, who have taken pains for years to build a brand of Koutons (, and probably are not aware that some names like Paytm and sellers connive to harm their brand by selling counterfeit products. The brand earns a bad name – isn’t it?