It is a popular medieval site and a notified area in Patna district in the Indian state of Bihar. Maner enjoys position of one of the chief spiritual centers in India. Maner Sharif houses two very popular Muslim tombs:

  • One of Makhdoom Yahya Maneri, known as the Bari Dargah.
  • Another of Shah Daulat or Makhdum Daulat, popularly called Chhoti Dargah.

Maner Sharif is the place where Makhdum Daulat in 1608 breathed his last. It was then in 1616 that Ibrahim Khan, Governor of Bihar, who was also his disciple finished the construction of his mausoleum.

A 1796 painting of Maner Sharif Dargah by Thomas D.jpg

A 1796 painting of Maner Sharif Dargah by Thomas Daniell. Source: British Library Archives (

The above image can be viewed at the British Library archives here.

The building at Maner Sharif is a marvelous one. The walls of the building are adorned with intricate designs. There is a big dome on the top and the ceiling is full of inscriptions depicted from the Qur’an. In the compound of the Maner Sharif you will find a mosque which was also constructed by Ibrahim Khan in 1619. In Maner Sharif at Bihar you will find the architectural peculiarities which happened to be the characteristics of that of the Jehangir’s era. In the ancient times, Maner Sharif used to be the principal site of learning and knowledge in the region.

Following are pics from my visit to the place on 27th of February 2012 (please be patient while these load as these are high resolution images):