After working for around 14 years with the same organisation, in an established position with good salary, why did I Quit my job to work with ScoutMyTrip?


Midlife crisis? Identity crisis? 7 year itch (or the double of it!)… what was the reason for me to quit a lucrative career and jump the bandwagon of Startups?

Well, there are reasons, and then there are reasons. I was doing good at my job, salary was good, team were happy and seniors were appreciative. Still, when the opportunity came, I didn’t batted an eyelid to jump on to it!

You all know that Travel has become my passion and association with Devil On Wheels has further boosted it like anything. And Technology the only thing I know to make a living now. I had always dreams of living a quaint life, away from all the hullabaloo of the cities and the 9-5 jobs. Since the time I had read the book One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka (1913-2008), I have this urge to go into farming and try out methodologies that can ease the way people indulge in farming practices, reducing the labour and costs involved and thereby reducing the prices.

Now I was not exactly born in a family of Zamindar (Ok, generations ago, my forefathers indeed were Zamindars, but nothing is left now.. the only link to those days is my Dad’s claim of having seen the chain by which the Elephants were tied 😉  I haven’t seen that chain either.. God Promise!). So, the only way for me to get into farming is to purchase land. Now with a job, however handsome salary you may be getting, you can only pass your days comfortably with all the evil necessities at your disposal, but you can’t build wealth. Same has happened with me.

So, one fine day, when Dheeraj Sharma (a very close friend and the brain behind Devil On Wheels) pinged me if I was interested in a startup in Travel domain where the work in on technology and if I would be interested, I immediately said yes. It was simple – both the core things are of my interest – Technology and Travel. In addition, I may also get to build that ever elusive wealth! 🙂

So, here I am. Have left my job with Sopra Steria after about 14 years, and moved to Thane (near Mumbai), to be with the team, working full time on ScoutMyTrip – The Ultimate Road Trip Planner.

How is the product? You gotta see yourselves! After all it’s a DIY (Do-It-Yourselves) platform and is free (and will always be free) to the users. Go, Register and Give it a try!!