Inflated prices posted at Snapdeal

There had been a lot of hue and cry over social media over inflated prices displayed by e-commerce giants and then offering discounts so as to make the products appear lucrative. But has that practice stopped?

In June this year, there was a post doing rounds on social media, widely shared, which highlighted how Flipkart was indulging in wrong practices by listing products at a higher price and then offering discounts. The post was taken up by the Logical Indian site and FB group and caused a clarification to be issued by Flipkart. You can read the Logical Indian page here: Flipkart Shows Higher Discount By Inflating The MRP, Faces Huge Social Media Outrage.

This even further resulted in Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) under the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) uphelding the complaint against Flipkart for the same. Read the ASCI CCC decisions : June 2015 press release here.

Being a righteous citizen, you should think that the e-commerce companies would stop these kind of malpractices and order would be restored. But how wrong you and I would be proven! How vested interests and lobbying works is quite evident.

About the same time in early June 2015, I had faced the same issue, but this time with another emerging e-commerce giant – PayTM. I put up a post on my blog, twitted about it, posted on FB – on my own wall as well as PayTM’s wall. I even requested The Logical Indian to share my story and tried attracting their attention by commenting on the Flipkart article (you can read the comments and see my posts there), but it wasn’t picked up at all – I wonder why! It is another story that my persistence with the issue with Paytm resulted in refund on the excess charges for me, but that was just a personal win (or shall I call it a win? I just got my justified money back), and still I could see prices being inflated on Paytm (to this date, the same item is listed at a higher price).

Long story short, those memories were revived again today when I logged on to various e-commerce sites to shop for a pair of clogs. I see the same thing being done at Snapdeal! While the product is listed at Rs 349, the product image clearly shows the MRP to be Rs 299/- Only!. Yes, Snapdeal is not offering any deep discount on it to look attractive (except for a credit card offer). Just have a look:

Snapdeal Inflates Prices

Dear Snapdeal,

If you are reading this, how do you justify the practice? I have been a very old customer with you and purchased lot many products through the years, but now I feel cheated! How do I trust you going forward?

A faithful customer