Attended a workshop at office, facilitated by Sarandeep Singh last Saturday – what a session it has been!!

Personally, I liked the way Sarandeep delivered the workshop, full of real-life anecdotes and examples, never making a dull moment and 9 hours passed like a jiffy! This was unlike trainings and workshops where you start yawning and felling sleepy halfway through. The workshop was good enough to keep your interests alive and at the end of it, there was one or the other  takeaway for everyone to keep.

A very good session in a long time!

I personally liked Sarandeep as a person. Couple of things struck a cord and I can feel some wavelength matching. Sarandeep also does some work for society and at the end of the session, before leaving for home, I did asked him if I can associate in some way or the other with his social initiatives and contribute.

Looking forward to it! 🙂